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Static-X has release a posthumous package titled Cannibal It was arguably the Metal event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Cannibal album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 13 tracks listings.

Static-Xs Cannibal has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2007 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the.

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Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:℗ 2007 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
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Static-X returns with a new album “Cannibal and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Static-X - Cannibal
  2. Static-X - No Submission
  3. Static-X - Behemoth
  4. Static-X - Chemical Logic
  5. Static-X - Destroyer
  6. Static-X - Forty Ways
  7. Static-X - Chroma-Matic
  8. Static-X - Cuts You Up
  9. Static-X - Reptile
  10. Static-X - Electric Pulse
  11. Static-X - Goat
  12. Static-X - Team Hate
  13. Static-X - Beneath, Between, Beyond

Public Reviews for Static-X – Cannibal From Itunes:

Nice album.

The first time taking a listen to "Cannibal", I thought it was a sick album. It starts off with "Cannibal", a very loud but great song. Looking back, that's the only song I really love. It's a good album, but it's not great. I don't have a favorite album or song by Static-X, because most songs and albums I love. "Destroyer" and "Behemoth" are two other great tracks. Other than those, the album is decent. "Electric Pulse" is a good song. By AidanMReviews


These guys have a style all their own, and this is my favorite album by them. Cannibal is my favorite, and the rest are amazing as well. Very good buy. By Egocentric masochist

The king has retuned.

This is the Static-X I know and love. Death Trip, Machine and Cannibal are the brain-melting sound I enjoy. They carry a signature style that is untouchable by others. I'm not sure why they left this for a more mainstream approach, because frankly, they don't function well when they try to steal fans from other bands. But hey, that's just my oppinion. I'm just a major fan of their music, and there are plenty of other views out there.

Enjoy your Shadow Zone and Cult of Static if you want, it's a free country But. my taste remains with their original sound scheme By Angel of Peace708


They had such a good begining, but they lost it here. Every song sounds the same, the guitar solos clash with the rest of the music and are unnescesary, the vocals are all at one pitch, and the chorus of almost every song is ONE WORD with echo on it. Yes, the album has standouts (chromamatic being one of them), but also has the only static-x song that I skip (reptile. Ugh, so annoying). If this wasn't static, I don't think I would have bought it. By St.JimmyROCKS


this is very good. i started listening to these guys after i heard wayne static on queen of the damned soundtrack By soad 2010

Warning!!! This Album Will Cause An Increase In Speed While Driving!!

But never the less buy it! I'm jus sayin i got a ticket for doin 90 in a 45 while blasting Chroma-matic! Also cuz i was drag racin some wangster punk, but i hope u get the point to buy this and crank it till your ears bleed!!!! By northern*metal*neck

zomg first lol

wow i was the first to actually comment on this? everyone vote this review to not be helpful :)

first time ive ever heard of this band and there good and stuff By uhh w/e

holy crap!

This entire album is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By mynamesnotzelda

It's funny in it's own way...

Before I go further, these guys are awesome. They have a strange sound...but very good. Kinda the chaotic-racing-for-time sound, so it fits perfectly with Saw. KEEP IT UP!!!!! By NuMbEr ZeRo

cool cd

i love this album! By anti_atheist_superstar





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  2. Static-X - Cannibal

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  4. Elton John - Love Is a Cannibal

  5. King Cannibal - Dirt ft. Daddy Freddy

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